From Web Development to Software Engineering

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So this is a brief post about my intent for my career and prospects for myself.

I love web. But I don’t want to be about that life.

The more I do software engineering, the more I fall in love with the challenge and the languages1. Classical OOP is nice and diving into functional programming is the next logical step, with Java recently adding lambda functions and some other nice functional features.

What About The Blog Name? What About JavaScript?

Still going to work JavaScript– kind of can’t avoid it. And the blog name is changing once again2. I love JavaScript tooling and look forward to learning more about React, Node, Redux, etc. But my main focus is software engineering for now.

Will You Go Into Web At All?

As a first job? Not sure. It’s unavoidable at this point. Whether I do architecture or backend remains to be seen. I’d prefer to have some say over an interface because I like visual things, but I am not a good designer, and I don’t want to learn how to design; that would take away from my main focus, programming. So getting better at Java for now is important to me. I will be finishing out Free Code Camp because I started it and I will also finish up my cousin’s ecommerce site which uses PHP. But after that, it’s software engineering all the way.

  1. Specifically Java, C, Swift, Go, and C++. 
  2. Sorry about that. 

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