Using Trello to Track Learning

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Chris Johnson, one of my favorite programming bloggers posted his Trello board for ASP.NET MVC Mastery. I saved the board as it is public but I forgot I had it. I just recently looked at it and whoa. A great idea, indeed.

So I copied the board minus the cards and started work on my own board. It is called Full-Stack JavaScript Mastery. I copied all the lists and edited them to work more along the lines of what I need to do.

Descriptions of Lists

  • Information
    • This has the cards:
      • Purpose- The purpose of the board
      • Who Am I- A brief introduction to who I am and what I need to do with the board
      • Where Am I- Lists all my social and blog links
  • Resources
    • The cards here are
      • Free Code Camp and its link
      • Treehouse Front-end Development track and its link
      • Treehouse Full-stack JavaScript and its link
      • JavaScript Understanding the Weird Parts and its link
  • Skills Needed
    • Lists all the skills I need to be a full-stack JavaScript developer with some extraneous skills and helper skills mixed in.
  • The Road Map
    • Has one card that will be updated when I figure out the plan to get one set of skills done at a time.
  • Free Code Camp Full-stack Mastery
    • Here I will list the skills I have learned during my time at Free Code Camp which is my current place of constant learning
  • Treehouse Front-end Development
    • Same as with Free Code Camp’s card
  • Treehouse Full-stack JavaScript Track
  • Pluralsight JavaScript Courses
  • JavaScript Understanding the Weird Parts

Where You Can Find My Board

Of course you want to know. You can find it here:

Full-stack JavaScript Mastery Trello Board