Cables, cables, everywhere…

Seems that a lot of developers are creating these /uses pages after discovering Wes Bos’s /uses page.

My favorite of these happens to be from Jon Suh. His /uses page includes a photo, which is what I did here.

While I was interning, I had enough money to make my desk setup look sick as Wes and Scott would say. So some of the stuff below will change.

These items use affiliate links. You can buy from them, or not. Whatever works best for you.


Let’s start with my gear.

## Next Gen gear
|Since I am moving and I have the money I decided to upgrade my desk setup. So here are some of the things I’ve purchased to get that rad YouTuber setup I so desperately envy.|

As you can see I finally moved into my new place. My cable management game is all off and I haven’t yet put the whole ALEX drawer together2 but soon. Soon.


  • VS Code
    • It does everything I need it to do. Atom was nice and had a lot of features but goddamn it’s hella slow. So I went back to VS Code and couldn’t be happier.
  • Hyper.js
    • My new terminal of choice. Beautiful as hell and has gotten faster. Not as many bells and whistles as iTerm but good enough for me.
  • Oh My Zsh
    • I will never use a terminal without this installed.
  • Mac CLI
    • Control pretty much every function your Mac can do, plus updating all packages across package managers, ssh, MySQL etc, right from your command line. Excellent tool.
  • Sketch for UI design
  • Ulysses
    • Write all my blog posts in here. 3
  • Boom 3D
    • This makes everything sound amazing.
  • Timing 2
    • This is how I can find out how much time I spend on Twitter.
  • Xcode
  • Evernote
  • Chrome
  • Transmit 5 for Mac
    • There are cheaper, free, FTP clients out there but my first text editor was Coda and I liked it so much I bought Panic’s FTP client. It looks good and functions quite well. I moved on from Coda when I became “serious”.
  • nvAlt
    • Brett Terpstra made a fork of Notational Velocity’s plain text note app and I use it for quick notes.
  • PopClip
    • Using PopClip is a lifesaver. When it doesn’t work I am lost.
  • Alfred
    • Workflows make this my favorite app. I can’t live without it. You can find my workflows here. I have way too many, I admit.
  • Text Expander
  • Affinity Designer
    • I am trying to learn how to use this better.
  • Affinity Photo
    • Definitely replaces Adobe CC for me.
  • Amphetamine to keep my Mac awake
  • Spark for email that isn’t Gmail
  • Shell Runner
    • To test shell scripts
  • BetterSnapTool is my choice for window snapping.
  • Expressions to test regular expressions
  • SnippetsLab
    • Starting to manage snippets with Alfred and GitHub gists but this is a great way to organize snippets with a keystroke.
  • Quiver is a programmers notebook to take notes with syntax highlighting and markdown support. Supports many languages 4.
  • Twitter on the desktop using a cool little npm utility called nativefier. In order to get Twitter with 2FA to work follow these instructions and you have a sort of native Twitter client on your Mac or Windows computer.
  • Franz. This is a chat aggregator. Open source and wayyyyyy better looking than Rambox.
  • OmniFocus for tasks.
  • Trello for Project management.
  • Fantastical 2 for scheduling
  • Dash 4. 5
  • Gitify for GitHub notifs
  • Sip for a color picker

I Use a lot of software, I admit

But I use ALL OF IT.

So this is my setup and what I am currently using. Leave a comment about your setup below if you’re so inclined.

  1. Ordered the iPhone 8 Plus. Put away some money and with T-Mobile JUMP! I was able to get it for less than it would be outright. Got it in Space Gray, 256gb. 
  2. I just moved here over last weekend, April 7th, 2018. Been crazy busy and I am really tired. 
  3. Used Byword for the Jekyll Blog however I sunset the Jekyll blog. Never wrote there and didn’t want people to get confused. 
  4. Even brainfuck! 
  5. Offline docs ftw! Plus much more.