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Seems that a lot of developers are creating these /uses pages after discovering Wes Bos’s /uses page.

My favorite of these happens to be from Jon Suh. His /uses page includes a photo, which is what I did here.

While I was interning, I had enough money to make my desk setup look sick as Wes and Scott would say. So some of the stuff below will change.

These items use affiliate links. You can buy from them, or not. Whatever works best for you.


Let’s start with my gear.

As you can see I finally moved into my new place. My cable management game is all off but it is what it is2.


I Use a lot of software, I admit

But I use ALL OF IT.

So this is my setup and what I am currently using. You can show me your dev setup on Twitter.

  1. My jealousy of the X this past year meant that I was upgrading but, since the phones seem less and less substantial, I probably won’t upgrade next year unless it is something compelling. 

  2. Not a YouTuber so it is kind of a mess. 

  3. I did have Ulysses installed. They even featured me on their blog. I mainly used it to post to WordPress and since I am on Jekyll for everything now I don’t need the subscription. I feel really bad. But now I use VSCode for this and a couple scripts to post here and my other blogs. 

  4. This is the only task manager that I actually look at and use. It is that beautiful, simple, and it has impressed me far more than any task manager in recent memory. 

  5. This is such a deep app and I am in love with it. After avoiding it because I was a heavy user of Evernote and quite liked it, there were things that annoyed me about it. Everyone talked about this app, Notion and I signed up. Been using it for two weeks and I have paid the subscription. It’s that good. Still setting it up but here’s my dashboard

  6. Offline docs ftw! Plus much more.