Upping My Game with Books On Algorithms

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Books I Am Reading Now on Algorithms, etc.

So I was doing some editing on my Book Collectorz database and came across an ebook I didn’t even remember buying: Data Structures and Algorithms in JavaScript. I went searching for it at Amazon to get the physical copy but the reviews were pretty negative as there were plenty of errata in the book and code samples. [1]

You can find the book here. You have an option to download Mozilla’s SpiderMonkey JavaScript shell and work on js natively on your machine, which is nice.

The reason I decided to read this book, right now, is that I am struggling with the Free Code Camp Bonfires and need a kind of boost.

I am also reading Clean Code which is a great introduction to naming conventions and best practices in programming in Java. [2]

Fast-moving Reintroduction to Java


So we are going over Java basics in class. I need to read chapter 2, but I am pretty sure I know about variables and all that jazz. Just seems we are going breakneck into the parts of programming everyone in that class knows and I am just scared that I may miss something. [3]

I will probably read chapter 2 again tonight. This is just intro stuff rehashed. Don’t know why I am so scared about the pace. If he was going over JFrame and GUIs this fast I’d probably fall out of my chair…

  1. I have yet to download the code samples from O’Reilly’s website: the book was published in 2014 so I am sure there are updates to the code in the author’s Github.  ↩
  2. You can use these tips and tools in every programming language. It’s a best practice for programmers in general.  ↩
  3. Lacking confidence in my abilities but I know I am getting better. I can look at code and just know it’s too verbose, needs to broken up. Just knowing things don’t look right is half the battle.  ↩

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