Tech Ladies and The Job Search

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I can’t go back to Pitt this semester as the funds ran dry. I had been planning to search for work after the semester. I’m still searching, just probably before I had planned. This is where Tech Ladies helps with my job search.

Enter Tech Ladies

I found a tweet on my Twitter feed about Ladies in Tech™. I found the tweet intriguing and checked it out.

Tech Ladies™ 1 is a site/company all about connecting women and WOC to tech jobs who are open to a diverse workforce.

You need to be approved but after that, you get access to their job board and the closed Facebook group 2.

I got approved to their Facebook group and lurked for three weeks. I felt a bit intimidated: here were highly educated women with more money than I’ve seen in my entire adult life 3. I have 3/4 of a BSc in Computer Science and am not employed. I felt a little out of place.

With some prodding some of my good friends I decided I’d speak up. I am so glad I did:


Hi! I’m Tiffany. Been a part of the group for a couple weeks just lurking. Pretty damn shy.
I am a junior dev looking to break into tech. I am older than most in the techsphere so I feel like I am bound to the East Coast for positions though I’d like to go out West at some point.
I was a CS major at the University of Pittsburgh but funds ran out. I am worried about that as well.
I am steadily working on projects, posting them to GitHub, and hoping someone will take a chance on me eventually. I plan to start applying in the spring.
Nice to meet all of you.

The response I got was amazing. Several other Pittsburghers chimed in and wanted to meet up. I got some advice about attending meet ups 4. Being nervous about not finishing my degree, someone spoke up about moving to Pittsburgh and getting a dev job and not having a CS degree. She got in relatively easy, and to PM her. I added her on Facebook Messenger but have yet to question her, which I plan on doing tonight 5.

Job Search Starts Early 2018

I wanted to wait until Spring/Summer to start looking for work. I think I am almost ready. But I will probably start sometime in February.

Tech Ladies has a sh!t ton of jobs for us. Looking forward to the search!

  1. It’s free but for $99/3 mo. you get more features. 
  2. You need to answer some questions to get in similar to the questions to get into their job boards. 
  3. You don’t have to make much to get that distinction. 
  4. That’s on my to-do list for next month. I’ve lost a good bit of weight unintentionally so I will feel a bit more comfortable being at them. I’ve always felt weird in places like this as I am a really tall, just all around hulking human being. I scare little kids. Ha. No. I really do… 
  5. I’m such an introvert I need to mindmap emails to people. Ha. 

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