Design Woes and LOOK AT THAT CSS!!!


Photo Credit CSS-Tricks

So I am working on my website for my off-semester freelance business that I haven’t launched yet. I am using a static web page built from scratch and linking it to a WordPress blog and a WordPress portfolio as well as some other random html pages. I decided to host the blog and portfolio at WordPress because I like the themes and it is just easy. I know. Sorrynotsorry.

I made some icons in Illustrator- circle icons with some Creative Cloud Market assets built in, some color, etc. But when I was styling them, I didn’t make them uniform. Now I am having some trouble copying appearance attributes from the main icon to subsequents icons. I have been working on it on and off for a few months. I am a total Illustrator Newb. I have watched tutorials and things on YouTube and the like but it is not working for me (user error). It is frustrating, because when I look at the site in Coda 2 preview, it looks awkward and wrong.


Learning more about CSS. I like it but it is wayyyy too verbose for my taste. That’s why adding a little Ruby and LESS and Sass would clean it up nicely.

For my web dev course last semester, we just did the basics. I’ve pretty much got I grasp on HTML and CSS though I could get a little better with CSS. No Ruby in the class. But since I am out of that class and working on the site whenever I have down time (which is almost never) I can get some training on Rails and then BOOM. Either LESS or Sass.

My favorite little CSS Trick: @font-face. It has allowed me to link Font Awesome icons to my social sites at the bottom of my landing page. Yessssss.

It is almost 1 am!!!! I am up writing articles but think I am heading to bed. I want to hit the gym tomorrow, work on homework, and finish more articles. It’s been a long first week of class…