While-Loops-While-Loops-231x300We’re all code newbies, well, most of us. I think we can, as well as the esoteric old timers, get caught up in the tools we use.

For me, I like a nice GUI in my IDE. I like auto-completion. If it is web development I am doing, I like to have tools built-in to see my site live, right in the IDE. Having a mobile counterpart isn’t necessary but if it has one great!

I would really like an All-in-One editor but I know having different editors has its strengths and weaknesses, weaknesses being too many cooks. But I have settled on five editors. I’ll break it down here.

Coda 2.5
This is my web IDE of choice. The fact that the extra bells and whistles in it are actually useful and I use them regularly, makes it worth the $75 price tag. There is a built-in web inspector, validator, auto-completion (every good editor should have this), debugger, and speedy Transmit FTP built right in. I made the mistake of buying Transmit, from the people who make Coda, without realizing I had it built into Coda but it has its uses. The UI is great. You can even assign clips or snippets to make your web development easier, and it comes with books!

JetBrains PyCharm, PHPStorm, and RubyMine
These IDEs are pricey enough, even though you can get the Community version of PyCharm for free. They are top of the line IDEs though, so you’re good in using them. Most blogs I came across and friends of mine on Facebook, recommend JetBrains.

I am still playing with them, as I just downloaded them last night. If you are a student, like me, you can, with your academic email address, receive the whole JetBrains IDE bundle for free for a year, with yearly renewing required. That’s how I got them.

I won’t be delving too much into them just yet– learning the foundations of programming currently and then once that course is completed I will be working with Python and Ruby, so I’ll let you know how they work.

Text Editors

Sublime Text 2
You could use this as your IDE all by itself, no problem. Many people do. I wanted more features that what Sublime could give, even with its plugins so I bought/downloaded separate IDEs for different use cases. I use Sublime Text as a text editor when I am learning code with The auto-completion is better in this than in Coda for whatever reason but Coda offers so much and has its own plugins that I am going to continue using it (also, it’s $75).

What are you guys using for your IDEs? I won’t talk too much about tools on this blog– it’s all subjective and already a topic where newbs could spend too much time deciding because, let’s face it, we all love software, which is why we want to build it. If you could, or, if you want to, take the poll down below. Thanks!