Back into the Java Virtual Machine

I have about a month left of the fall semester. I am doing better than the previous two, though I’d like to boost my grade in InfoSci up to at least a B. Stupid study mistakes on my part led to a C on the midterm— being sure you know something and actually knowing it are two different things. Even if you go over it a million times, it doesn’t hurt to study it again.

As far as Web Dev class? I have an A. I am scoring As on just about everything I touch in that class. This semester, I should have around a 3.0+. Not what I wanted, but it will do.

Next Semester

Next semester I will be taking Intermediate Web Development. I am excited for this. We get to dive deeper into building things programmatically instead of fooling around mainly on the front-end with HTML and CSS. We will also be digging into databases.

I am also going to take CS 0401 again. This is an Intermediate Programming class using Java. I took it in the spring but had a nervous breakdown and stopped in the middle. So it is back into the Java virtual machine

I have been thinking about this class a lot lately. So I went back to our old repo and looked at our first assignment, which I struggled with terribly. And you know something? It was super easy. I don’t know if it was my emotional state, getting the F on the final project in Intro class the previous fall or what, but wow. How did I not know any of this?

Granted, I am a better programmer now. But. It just gives me confidence going forward. In case you’re curious, here is what we had to do.


Pretty simple Java stuff, no?

Pitt and Computer Science


So, for a roundabout update, I got my Commonwealth Diploma, for 30 college credits completed. The reason I needed this diploma and couldn’t use my high school diploma for admission to Pitt? Well, the fact I left my high school in Harrisburg to attend a sort of school for behavioral misfits was a problem because Harrisburg High School didn’t put the date on my transcripts of my graduation. And when I called they had no record of me graduating. So essentially the problem was no one knew who the hell I was and so I needed to get the diploma to even stand a chance of getting into Pitt. I have my physical high school diploma but it was just too much bureacracy hassle for Pitt and all involved.

So I got that lovely dipolma and have emailed all the right people for my journey into a university. I emailed Dr. John Ramirez of the Comp Sci department and it looks like it isn’t going to be a bad go of things. Just opening up my thinking to theory and knowing how to apply it to real-world coding situations. I am not keen on learning theory. I just want to build. But I know the limitations in Pittsburgh for coporations that hire developers, and the BS in computer science barrier to entry. Anyway, I am going and even though I say I wouldn’t go this route if I didn’t have to I probably would anyway as getting a degree, though not important, is important to me.