100 Days of Code, Day 12:

11 December 2016

Today’s Progress:
I worked on the Free Code Camp weather app for a couple hours today. I am sifting through the Dark Sky API, Skycons, and Stack Overflow. It isn\’t as hard as I am making it. I should have it done within the week.

I am more comfortable with $.ajax() and $.getJSON() functions to get JSON from an API endpoint that uses JSON [note]which is most of them[/note]. I don\’t quite know how I\’ve come to understand these things, or how I\’ve become more efficient at searching for and understanding the code in places like Stack Overflow but the change from newbie and intermediate is welcome.

I will be working more on it later this week as now I want to start working on CodeWars code katas and HackerRank algorithm challenges.

Link to work:
It\’s a private pen.

Treehouse is Some Kind of Special


I am building all kinds of things! Learning Loops, Arrays, and Objects now that I finished the JavaScript Basics course in 5 days. I have 6 badges and looking to get more and more, as quickly as possible.

Look out for a podcast soon on Treehouse, tomorrow or later today.

Check out this Pen I made from a Treehouse challenge. Did it for my writer friends. In order not to annoy you with alerts, I chose JavaScript to be the default tab in the Pen. Click the result tab to play:


[codepen_embed height=\”268\” theme_id=\”0\” slug_hash=\”oXadEd\” default_tab=\”js\” user=\”twhite96\”]
// quiz begins, no answers correct
var correct = 0;

// ask questions

var answer1 = prompt("This character wound up in 12 of Ernest Hemingway's short stories.");
if (answer1.toUpperCase() === 'NICK ADAMS') {
correct += 1;
var answer2 = prompt("Who wrote Uylsses?");
if (answer2.toUpperCase() === 'JAMES JOYCE') {
correct += 1;
var answer3 = prompt("This author wrote their best work in a collection of stories called Cathedral.");
if (answer3.toUpperCase() === 'RAY CARVER' || answer3.toUpperCase === 'RAYMOND CARVER') {
correct += 1;
var answer4 = prompt("She wrote In the Cemetery Where Al Jolson is Buried.");
if (answer4.toUpperCase() === 'AMY HEMPEL') {
correct += 1;
var answer5 = prompt("This writer drowned themselves in the river after filling her pockets with rocks in 1941");
if (answer5.toUpperCase() === 'VIRGINIA WOOLF') {
correct += 1;

// outputs results
alert("You got " + correct + " out of 5 questions correct.");

// outputs rank
if (correct === 5) {
alert("You won a gold Pulitzer wrapped in diamonds!");
} else if (correct >= 3) {
alert("You won the MacArthur Fellowship. Not bad.");
} else if (correct >= 1) {
alert("You made the Amazon Best Seller list for some niche genre. Not bad. Not good either.")
} else {
alert("You are a flash fiction writer with no credits. Sucks to be you!");

See the Pen <a href=\’http://codepen.io/twhite96/pen/oXadEd/\’>Literary Quiz for Writers (WIP)</a> by Tiffany White (<a href=\’http://codepen.io/twhite96\’>@twhite96</a>) on <a href=\’http://codepen.io\’>CodePen</a>.

This Developer’s Journey ep.10


Show Notes:

Two playgrounds, two different yet similar feature sets. Which is right for you?

CodePen or JSFiddle?

Book List

Books in my Reading List (not all of them because, well, there are too many to list!):

Introduction to JavaScript Object Notation

Becoming Steve Jobs

Prag Pub Mags

Entropy and Its Physical Meaning

Big Data

Pragmatic Programmer

Passionate Programmer

97 Things Every Programmer Should Know

REST API Design Rulebook

Work Smarter, Not Harder