Killing This Code– LIKE A BOSS


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Working at Free Code Camp is like having your own little cheerleading team as you string out lines of code, hunched over your MacBook Pro, the glare of the computer screen a reminder that you have an end goal and that goal is to make your living as a developer, staring at a screen and creating awesome things. (As far as the glare, get f.lux. Seriously. Your eyes will thank you).

The encouragement at the end of each challenge addicting. I find myself coding there more and more. Going through the CS101 by Standford and killing it. They use a modified version of Javascript which looks something like this:

image = new SimpleImage(“flowers.jpg”);

for (pixel: image) {
// your code here



Sort of kinda like JS but not quite. Simpler for learning concepts.

I am almost done with the CS101 track on Standford/Free Code Camp sites and am looking to dive into the Javascript track on Free Code Camp.

Take a look at how I’m killing it. Here is my Trello board/checklist for this month. I can probably start on July’s challenges.