Two Years of Code Newbie in Pittsburgh

I have been writing here at Code Newbie in Pittsburgh for almost two years. It will be two years on December 26th.

I got the idea for the blog at my mom\’s house over Christmas break. I got a few iTunes Gift Cards, bought Byword and the Byword Premium upgrade to publish to WordPress and I drafted my first post on the free host.

I have written here every month since January of 2015. Last month there was only one post as I haven\’t done a serious amount of coding lately and anything technical or extremely technical I write over at my GitHub Page Blog.

You really need to write a lot of blog posts to get into the habit and any time off will spell atrophy and I am currently experiencing this.

This semester was easy and while I had a lot of coding to do, it wasn\’t like in previous semesters and it wasn\’t as difficult.

The winter break is just that– a break. I plan on doing some OSS work and coding so that I have at least something to write about. I will probably pick up Free Code Camp again. Lots to write about when I do that. 🙂

Semester is Over. How Did I Do?

InfoSci Class

Still waiting to take my InfoSci final. I was sick during our exam with a very ferocious sinus migraine so I am making it up today.

InfoSci was an interesting class. While I am probably going to end up with a C in this class, it isn\’t because it was anymore difficult than my Computer Science class and more because I just didn\’t schedule my classes right. Can\’t take a night class and then have to get up earlier the next day and go to a class.

I screwed myself over a couple times, one, on the mid-term, where I felt I had studied enough Binary Numbers to get an A or B on the midterm. I hadn\’t the grip on Binary numbers that I thought and my luck was such that the test\’s weight was in binary numbers. I ended up with a C.

I failed our Logic gate homework because I didn\’t associate AND, NOT, OR, XOR, and NAND gates with the logistical operators in programming. Had I made that connection, I would have aced it. I didn\’t put two and two together until the following class, and by then it was too late.

CS Class

I aced this class. I seriously did. The lowest grade I got was on a quiz and that was a C. I got an A on everything else. This was an intro web dev class. I am taking the intermediate web dev class this coming semester as well as and intermediate programming with Java class.

Trello Board

Here is the Trello board for my grades:

What Will the Next Two Years Hold?

I will hopefully be graduated by the time two more years is up. I will probably be actively seeking employment in the \’burgh and then, after experience is gained, moving out west. I wonder what I will call this blog then? 😉

Return to Google+


My interest in Google’s social network, once lively and easily excitable, waned over time. I was a writer and it worked for selling for the most part– a lot of writers were there. But what I was noticing was the plethora of geeks. Programmers, tech writers, photographers, you name it, they were there.

Then Communities happened. It is a phenomena all to itself– Google once positioned itself as an anti-Facebook social network but that didn’t gain traction. What I’ve read on Medium from people in the know is that they are re-branding it as a community-centered network. I didn’t think anymore of it.

Then I came across Brain Douglas’s blog through a CodeNewbie podcast, the same podcast that inspired this blog. In it, at the footer, is a G+ social badge, which makes sense since he is using Blogger (I honestly thought Blogger died. I wish it would) which is owned by Google. And with my admiration of Brian’s work and knowing how dedicated he is to the craft of coding, I decided to pick G+ back up as a casual habit.

I joined a ton of coding communities and got sucked in. The coding community is AWESOME. The writing community is as well but the programming/coding community is on another level. And it tickles my geek fancy to no end.

I can’t waste too much time there though– this semester is a gauge and important because of me trying to decide to go Computer Science or Information Science at Pitt next semester. But I can learn from the vast amount of programmers in those communities.