Sketch Mockup to…Code?

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I have this beautiful mockup– okay so its rudimentary compared to my compatriots on Behance but, it is my first try at design. You can find it here.

Let me first say– I love, absolutely love Sketch. It took me forever to mockup a basic outline of what I wanted in Illustrator and Photoshop, which as a complete newb, is off-putting. But I downloaded the Sketch trial, after being skeptical because let’s face it– this app gets a lot of love in the Mac dev/design community. I generally don’t get into apps that get that kind of praise because I am not welcome to changing software and am generally a skeptical person.

So I was intimidated at first until I watched this guy go over the UI of Sketch and I instantly knew how to dig right in. I mocked it up in 45 minutes or so, tweaking this and that and worked on it some today. Now how the hell do I get the code out of this? And just today I saw these really awesome designs where you have arrow buttons at the edges of the page to navigate through different pages. I know that won’t work for me because I am using WordPress to host my portfolio and blog. But the possibilities are endless. But I am nervous about coding this up…

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