Return to Google+

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My interest in Google’s social network, once lively and easily excitable, waned over time. I was a writer and it worked for selling for the most part– a lot of writers were there. But what I was noticing was the plethora of geeks. Programmers, tech writers, photographers, you name it, they were there.

Then Communities happened. It is a phenomena all to itself– Google once positioned itself as an anti-Facebook social network but that didn’t gain traction. What I’ve read on Medium from people in the know is that they are re-branding it as a community-centered network. I didn’t think anymore of it.

Then I came across Brain Douglas’s blog through a CodeNewbie podcast, the same podcast that inspired this blog. In it, at the footer, is a G+ social badge, which makes sense since he is using Blogger (I honestly thought Blogger died. I wish it would) which is owned by Google. And with my admiration of Brian’s work and knowing how dedicated he is to the craft of coding, I decided to pick G+ back up as a casual habit.

I joined a ton of coding communities and got sucked in. The coding community is AWESOME. The writing community is as well but the programming/coding community is on another level. And it tickles my geek fancy to no end.

I can’t waste too much time there though– this semester is a gauge and important because of me trying to decide to go Computer Science or Information Science at Pitt next semester. But I can learn from the vast amount of programmers in those communities.

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