Resuming Lessons at Free Code Camp

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Free Code Camp
So I went back through the Bootstrap additions and the jQuery course. Now I am building a tribute page to Carl Sagan as my front-end project.

I have all kinds of ideas. I am thinking of adding a couple of planets scattered throughout the page and when you click on one, a quote from Carl appears and the planet dims. Or if you even just mouseover the planet there is some jQuery magic happening where the mouseover() event makes the planet magnify sort of like this:


And then they would sort of dim when you moused over them while they magnified…or after.

So many ideas…

JavaScript Understanding the Weird Parts

I wrote a post on my strictly programming blog about coercion. I learned quite a bit about it from Tony Alicea, who made the course I picked up for $10 at Udemy (a steal at that price). His explanation was clear and the console examples made it easy to see what was going on.

You can find the course here and my blog post here.

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