Recommended Software

I am writing a piece over at on my MacBook Pro development setup. Thought I’d make a page on the blog to give you actual links to the software I am using.

Software to Check Out

Atom This is my text editor of choice. Easily hackable, tons of plugins, and now, with more speed.

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Free but powerful mail client for Mac that is pretty too. I chose this over Airmail because it is free, pretty and quick. Airmail is kinda buggy but more powerful.

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Easily keep your programming notes and snippets in here. I usually have a Quiver window open when watching tutorials or in class. It is much easier for me to take code notes in this in class than in Evernote.

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It technically is a snippets manager, but for expansion you’ll need something else. It integrates with Alfred which is the next app on my list.

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This is an app I couldn’t live without. Upgrading to the PowerPack gives you loads of features, i.e. workflows. I have workflows that search Stack Overflow and list my GitHub repos. It’s also an app launcher and much more.

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This is so cool.  It’s beautiful and extensible. It’s an electron app that pulls in all your Bash profile settings and has a ton of plugins to extend the terminal. I am not certain I am going to switch from iTerm but it looks like I might.

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iTerm 2

This is a tried and true terminal replacement. It’s great and I still use it. True power user features that will never not be useful. Check it out.

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This app has allowed me to meet developers all over the world with teams like CodeNewbie and a few of my school’s CS teams. The electron app is snappier than the web wrapper, so check it out.

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Dash Docs

This dev got blackballed by Apple in a dubious case of mistaken identity. Still, his app is not on the App Store but you can certainly download it from his website. Offline docs for a fair price. Free, but nagware.

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Full disclosure: I get a small commission for the Mac App Store apps, though at no cost to you. It would help me keep the site running so if you could, check ’em out. 🙂


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