Preparing for Free Code Camp Bonfires

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I am almost ready to get to the Free Code Camp Bonfires. I am still working through the new curriculum with the extra JavaScript waypoints but because I have been working in Java at school and reading Data Structures and Algorithms with JavaScript by Michael McMillan and things are becoming increasingly clear to me.

I also created and watched this YouTube playlist and a lot of the methods we used in the Bonfires and now I am really excited to tackle the algorithms.

I have practiced using some of the methods in a blog post on another blog. Here is one of using the map method:

var even = [2,4,6,8];

var odd = {
   return num + 1;

I am starting to grasp passing parameters in a function and how that relates to arguments and the difference between the two.

A parameter is a variable in the declaration of a function. The value of that variable is the argument you pass into the function when it is called.

Still Learning

I have assignment 2 to worry about so I won’t be going to Free Code Camp for a while. Signed up for HackerRank but haven’t been able to get to it. I was in a serious depressive state for a while with little energy, panic attacks, the whole nine yards. Needless to say, I didn’t blog or get much work done otherwise. So I have to grind out some code for class and it is actually helping me with JavaScript and it’s new OOP features, believe it or not.


I have a long way to go still and it is getting frustrating. I am learning more and more every day, however, and so I know I am improving. I have been at this seriously for a little under a year. I am a complete newbie. I’ll get better with time.

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