Plan for Success

2 min read

So, in two weeks, I will be back at Pitt. I know I’ve talked about it a lot but I am honestly excited.

I joined the College of General Studies Student Government in the hopes to meet some cool older folks to hang out with. I’ve been here in Pittsburgh close to four years and really don’t have anyone to hang out with. No real friends. And the more time wears on, the more I stay inside and work on projects. It is unhealthy and I need to not do that.

My Plan

I have been taking in a lot of College Info Geek videos by Thomas Frank. Binge watching them, actually. I have also stopped by his blog and bookmarked the books he recommends for college students to read. Yeah. I’m all about it.

I want to succeed this time. No bombs. No Cs. No being distracted by Facebook, Twitter, Feedly, whatever. I set up a script for Self-Control app to run when I open my laptop in class. I used a Keyboard Maestro macro to do this. I set the trigger to be the Pitt’s wireless network and then added the AppleScript to an action. This way, I won’t be tempted to scroll Twitter and Facebook. I have Tweetbot on my Mac but I have a nice app by Marco Arment called Quitter. It quits the apps you specify after so many minutes of idling.

So I’ve got all that in place. Now, I wait.

Back to Java

I realize just how much I have forgotten looking at Treehouse. I am going through the Java Objects course and I remember most of it but there are some confusing parts I’ll need to figure out. I won’t need it this time, but for next semester at least.

Weather App

I am taking a break from doing any real projects. I am just trying to learn and relax before class starts. I started the Weather App at the beginning of the month but I knew it’d be a long haul project. After looking at the API I understood I needed some more knowledge of JavaScript.


This semester shouldn’t be very difficult. I am taking a web design and development class. I am between a beginner and intermediate with my knowledge of JavaScript so I should be alright with this class. I am looking forward to it.