Outdated Java Tech at Uni

1 min read


So talking with Alex Gwartney, Nick Queen, and Joe Dayvie on Developer Soup podcast about my journey to becoming a web dev. We all discussed the technologies we were using; Alex and I were using JavaScript and Nick and Joe, Ruby.

Somehow we started discussing school as Alex and I are both students. We talked about Java in an academic environment and how they teach outdated tech. I half didn’t believe Alex– who wants to believe they are taking out loans to learn that you’re not getting up-to-date tech?

I went to school and we were talking about doing string concatenation with the + operator. When asking around on Twitter about it Craig, a guy in Pittsburgh who works as an engineer, showed me an article that states that using + to concatenate strings in Java is outdated (surprise!) and comes at a speed cost. I discussed this in my Code & Supply podcast segment.

This was talked about on Twitter among local devs. Seems it’s a good way to introduce a student to string concat, but that other ways are discussed as you move forward in schooling. But what about JavaFX for GUI apps? According to Alex, they don’t teach that. I’ll just have to wait and see.