OSS and Back to Basics

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So I essentially said, “School is not for me. Plus, I don’t have the money to finish anyway. Time to hang up the Pitt hoodie”.

So that’s what I did. No mental health issues this time, just a real sense that I could be learning and doing so much more than what I was on my own.

And that happens to be the case. No surprise to me as at this time last year I was doing the same and actually working and enjoying myself.

I have a strict schedule of learning I stick to daily:

This way I am constantly learning and sharpening my skills. There is also a free bootcamp here in Pittsburgh called Academy Pittsburgh that looks really interesting, if not out of my way. I may check it out.

I have to code often, learn faster, and get better in a hurry. I want to work, and this is the way to showcase I can do it.

First Real Pull Request

One of the things I want to start doing more of is contributing to open source projects. I went looking for first-timers only sites on doing OSS for the newbie.

I have opened pull requests before for class but never for an organization. One site I went to was First Timers Only. It was a great help but I needed more. So I went down the page and found a GitHub link to repos that had issues tagged first-timers-only. I came upon a project by Teammates which is basically for students and are very welcoming of newcomers. They work with Java, JavaScript and others1.

Made a few edits to an issue that had been lingering for 14 days. I made a few stylistic mistakes. Setting up the dev environment was cumbersome for such a small edit. Learning IntelliJ on the fly has been a rewarding experience. I went through 15 commits and edits before and after I made the pull request. It needs code review and someone to look it over as it seems I made too many edits but other than that, I am waiting to see what becomes of it. Basically I removed an unused class file and added the contents of that class file to another class file as a private enum. Pretty simple stuff.

If it doesn’t get merged, I’m okay with that. At least I did it. Soon enough, my pull requests will get accepted more and more.

Working on My Own OS Project

I am trying to think about what libraries in Java and JavaScript I could make. I know JavaScript: Understanding the Weird Parts helps you to build your own JavaScript library. Looking forward to this so that I can modify it and open source it.

I am also looking forward to understanding how to build a library in any language so that I can actually contribute to the open source community instead of taking.

Free Code Camp Weather App Update

Back working on it. Not much else to report about it though. Still struggling a bit.

  1. I did my first pull request in Java. It was very easy. 

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