New Years Goals Follow-up

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First Three Months

How am I doing on the goals I set for myself? The next five bullet points will address this.

  • Code everyday. This was very hard to do when I was a student in the traditional sense. But since I left academia to pursue coding on my own time, I code every single day. Not kidding. Between working on Free Code Camp projects or just doing coding exercises, I code ever yday when I have the most energy, which is right after dinner.
  • Get more exercise. This one is a total fail. I was very depressed during my time this semester as a student. To give you an example of this: I only just left my apartment yesterday after not being out of it since February 11th. I went for a walk yesterday. I had been without some crucial medicine which caused me to not get real sleep for four days. The walk yesterday was much needed but I completely fell apart when I got back. My body is not used to not moving around for long periods of time. I plan on getting back to the gym once my body gets acclimated to moving around again, and once I am fully rested and hydrated.
  • Get more sleep. Eh. Kind of. Now that I have nowhere to go during the day, I can sleep in. But I don’t want to make this a routine practice. I really, ideally, would like to get up at 11:30 am and be in bed by 1:30 am.
  • Put more effort into school. I quit. Nothing more to say there.
  • Read more. This one is an emphatic win. I have read 13 books so far, thanks to audiobooks.

Next Three Months

I will probably do better in the exercise and sleep department, as I need to. I also want to get to more meetups. I can do that now that I am not pressed for time.

I will be sharing my progress and reassessing what I need to get done in three months. These goals may change.