New Semester Excitement

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So I am starting a new semester with a new, funny, quirky, prof in Bill Laboon who showed us the absolute power of Emacs— like a pixelated fire. No seriously. I prefer VS Code myself but I don’t need to start an editor flamewar.

His syllabus is in markdown and all our course material is up on GitHub. He suggested we sign up for GitHub’s education pack so that we could get three private repositories. If you’re a student and you’re not familiar with the education pack check it out. Great goodies in there, all yours (for a limited time) for free.

He has up on our class repositories former semester quiz, lecture, and code information, sample programs, etc. I think I am really going to like this semester. A lot.



I thought I had installed this long ago but didn’t have the zsh shell installed. Once I installed the zsh shell? Off to the races. This thing is amazing. Check out my terminal:


Love geeking out with this. Not only is it pretty but the plugins are incredibly useful, too.

Alex Gwartney’s Snippet Web App

Alex Gwartney is a young developer whose journey I’ve been following since I came across the now-on-hiatus Developer Soup Podcast. He built a nice little snippet app using Node, MongoDB, JavaScript, Bootstrap and a few other technologies. Check it out. [1]

  1. The Snippet App is hosted on Heroku and I’ve gotten a few Cannot GET errors when clicking through to the app. Just refresh or retype it in and it should work.  ↩

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