Ruby Gems and a Messed Up Ruby Installation

1 min read

rvm reinstall ruby
gem install sinatra

Brian Douglas ran a “Singing with Sinatra” Code Club session for the Code Newbies site. Well I signed up and I was the only student.

I knew I had Ruby installed and was sure I had Bundler installed as well. Well, I had Ruby installed and not bundler so to the terminal we went (I kept confusing bower with bundler). We went to install bundler. Terminal threw some strange error which, since I’ve restarted my Mac since then I can’t copy here. This error happened every time I tried to install bundler.

We went through my Ruby installation, updated Ruby, still couldn’t install the gem. We installed rvm (Ruby Version Manager) and I found out that I should have installed my new version of Ruby with rvm. We went into this for the whole. Stinking. Hour. Finally, Brian told me to reinstall Ruby and then try but we had to end the session. As soon as the session ended, everything installed.

So for the newbs out there: install your Ruby with rvm, maybe even update with rvm. I am going to try to update my Ruby packages with rvm because these weird errors were complicated to debug.