Knowing Your Limits

2 min read


I had to give up on my Random Quote Generator design.

It was far too difficult for my skill level.

I didn’t want to admit this. I still want to build it. I still think I can, and maybe I can, but not right now.

Hubris maybe a factor in trying it in the first place. I looked at the jQuery and Ajax and had to really, really, scour the code to understand it. The last time I learned about jQuery and AJAX was months ago, maybe even the end of last year. The Free Code Camp track was nice but lacking in depth.

I went everywhere I could to figure out how to implement the design in CSS and HTML first but I kept coming up short.

I gathered the courage to ask for help after to failing to get the appropriate type of help for my problem in the Free Code Camp forum.

BenGitter confirmed what I already knew.

I had to scrap it and try something simpler.

I had to start over.

Baby Steps

I really thought I could bullshit my way through it, cobbling together different code snippets and trying to learn on the fly basic jQuery and AJAX concepts. Huh uh. That won’t work.

While I do need to build the thing, I need to have a better foundation. I need to know what the basic methods do and how I implement them. I need to know how to use AJAX with jQuery to make calls to the API I choose.

I need to understand callback functions, specifically jQuery callbacks.

So I am going over the jQuery and AJAX courses at Treehouse again. This way, I can take better notes and learn about the code I forked from the example that Free Code Camp gives for this assignment. Then I will come up with a simpler design in Sketch and work to use it with a quote API somewhere.

Time to work.