Back into the Java Virtual Machine

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I have about a month left of the fall semester. I am doing better than the previous two, though I’d like to boost my grade in InfoSci up to at least a B. Stupid study mistakes on my part led to a C on the midterm— being sure you know something and actually knowing it are two different things. Even if you go over it a million times, it doesn’t hurt to study it again.

As far as Web Dev class? I have an A. I am scoring As on just about everything I touch in that class. This semester, I should have around a 3.0+. Not what I wanted, but it will do.

Next Semester

Next semester I will be taking Intermediate Web Development. I am excited for this. We get to dive deeper into building things programmatically instead of fooling around mainly on the front-end with HTML and CSS. We will also be digging into databases.

I am also going to take CS 0401 again. This is an Intermediate Programming class using Java. I took it in the spring but had a nervous breakdown and stopped in the middle. So it is back into the Java virtual machine

I have been thinking about this class a lot lately. So I went back to our old repo and looked at our first assignment, which I struggled with terribly. And you know something? It was super easy. I don’t know if it was my emotional state, getting the F on the final project in Intro class the previous fall or what, but wow. How did I not know any of this?

Granted, I am a better programmer now. But. It just gives me confidence going forward. In case you’re curious, here is what we had to do.


Pretty simple Java stuff, no?

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