In a Rut…

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I was sort of in a rut. I am learning the fundamentals of JavaScript. I understand that. Gotta crawl before you walk.

Once I got up to Objects and Arrays and saw that we were going to make an address book? EXCITED. I got all kinds of ideas of how I could build on the fundamentals I was learning.

Unfortunately there was a glitch in my browser that prevented me from seeing the lesson before Objects and Arrays. I finished the first lesson and now I am building my own adventure…I think we are learning more about form and scope. Anyway, I couldn\’t stop thinking about objects and arrays no matter how hard I tried, and about the address book I wanted to make. It would be simple.

I decided I would use Yeoman scaffolding, for the simple type of app, host it on Heroku, all the while editing the JavaScript file to suit my needs.

I spent the better part of yesterday fiddling with the html file, adding reference links, removing text, adding my own. The meat of all this work came from Git, CodePen and Heroku and building out the grunt sever. I spent more time on presentation than I did editing files. I also spent 5 hours trying to install heroku-toolbelt from the pkg file on my Mac when all I really had to do was

brew install heroku-toolbelt


brew install foreman

instead of fooling with installing wine and XQuartz and finding out I didn\’t have zlib– god what a mess.

But is on my Heroku server though the deployment is wonky– says it\’s a node app and it is– the Yeoman scaffold is written in node with some html and bootstrap mixed in. I have run logs to see what was happening and a lot of npm errors and elements causing the app to crash. My first bit of real dev workdebugging. I am not fond of this. But practice makes perfect. A lot of the errors I need to google.

I also spent considerable time trying to get a better looking terminal. Understanding my .bash_profile etc. So far, I have installed an espresso theme (I use iTerm as a terminal replacement):


I also decided since I am doing all these projects I needed to name my terminal tabs. Shot out to Saron of Code Newbie for showing us her awesome terminal during js-tuesday hangout.

So I have everything at GitHub and CodePen. Here is the Pen:

[codepen_embed height=\”268\” theme_id=\”0\” slug_hash=\”KpRBzd\” default_tab=\”result\” user=\”twhite96\”]See the Pen <a href=\’\’>Address Book</a> by Tiffany White (<a href=\’\’>@twhite96</a>) on <a href=\’\’>CodePen</a>.[/codepen_embed]