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I have a new interest: Jekyll. There is some debate as to WordPress or Jekyll being the best CMS for enterprise blogs, personal blogs, etc. I was following a thread on 1stwebdesigner on Facebook and it heavily promotes WordPress. Tons of readers have renounced WordPress in favor of other CMSes, one being Jekyll, which was built by GitHub.

I started with Jekyll months ago when seeing my buddy Mark build his blog with GitHub Pages. It was after I styled this one. I was starting to get sick and brain farts. So I didn’t do anything with it. Until I saw this Facebook post.

I spent most of my Saturday evening setting up Jekyll Bootstrap for a theme. There were so many errors– a dirty hash (which you can ignore) and jekyll-bootstrap not mapping itself in the .gitmodule file. I tried to clone the repo again. Nope. I deleted the extraneous .git folder and map the jekyll-bootstrp submodule back to the .gitmodule file. Still got the error. Tried to re-clone the repo again. Said jekyll-bootstrap existed. Deleted it, cloned it again, and got the:

The page build failed with the following error:

The submodule jekyll-bootstrap was not properly initialized with a .gitmodules file. For more information, see https://help.github.com/articles/page-build-failed-missing-submodule.

In frustration, I deleted the whole repo (because I waited for GitHub to get back to me and I was frustrated and impatient) and remade it, and used an automatic page generator. But I am not done…