Realizing CSS3 Through a Design Book

1 min read

.nav ul {
list-style: none;
background-color: #4444;
text-align: center;
padding: 0;

Reading the The Web Designer’s Idea Book on the way home from class. It’s mainly a design-focused tome that I picked up with my Kindle Unlimited subscription. It is older, about 3 years and much has changed.

When I got to the section on CSS3, which isn’t really a section on coding as it is on design, I realized I needed drop shadows to make my current site look better. Think I’m headed to CSS-Tricks once I get off the bus.

I’m also looking at changing the font to another @font-face type.

I’d like to get into deeper coding. I want to start learning Python, Objective C, Ruby, and PHP. Whatever we’re doing in the intro to programming class is taking a bit of time. We are going over Windows search and interface nuances but I’m on a Mac. Anyway the program we’re using looks like a Windows 95 program even on my MacBook Pro. Ha.

Think I’ll dive into Python tonight on where I’ve learned a lot about git for web designers, though I’m probably going to do the git course in general. It’s a snowy day in Pittsburgh and gloomy, perfect for a nice cup of coffee and a learning session…