Dash Is a Thing

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2015-01-28 19.00.52

So. I had this app on my Mac that I downloaded last year, around June or July. It’s called Dash. I downloaded a whole bunch of development apps when I decided that was a thing I was going to get my degree in. It was free. I downloaded it from the Mac App Store and there it sat. For months, never to be opened.

A few weeks ago I was reading an article or listening to a podcast and it mentioned the app. I knew I had it on my Mac, just never opened it. Hearing about it, it seemed really popular.

So yesterday I opened it. WOW. Download all the Docsets! There were all kinds of docsets for all kinds of languages. And cheat sheets! Cheat sheets to boot, as my mother would say. I’ve got a pretty good library of documentation on my Mac now, for all types of languages. I’ll have to open Xcode to get Mac and iOS docsets but yay that this exists!!

There are plugins for all my usual IDEs and integration with Launchbar and Alfred which I own(have the Alfred PowerPack but prefer Launchbar. Alfred has a remote for iOS now so I am a little torn at the moment). I think I just stepped in Code Newbie nirvana…

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