New Post Idea: Daily, Bi-Daily Updates

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If you aren’t reading my fellow Code Newbie Nick Queen’s blog you should. It’s great. Besides being great, the format has given me an idea.

So I am thinking of stepping up my blogging game. I blog enough, sure, but as you can see, Nick posts everyday because he smashes a new goal on Treehouse everyday. He is so driven, like Mark, my other Code Newbie alum, that it has inspired me, along with his blog, to tackle something everyday and blog about what I’ve learned. I need to figure out how to post the badge at the top of the post but I can google that or ask Nick.

So later tonight I have to block off time on my schedule to blog everyday for daily updates or every other day that I smash a new goal.

Also, if you’re hiring take a look at Nick’s site. He has his resume listed there.

So, even though I am learning quite quickly, it is synthesizing this new learning to tackle projects. I keep notes in Quiver and snippets of code in SnippetsLab but it’s putting it all together.

I started this blog post last night and during the period where I am about to go to sleep but not yet I thought about my address book app and how to use objects and empty arrays with the .push(), .shift(), .pop(), and .unshift() as well as key/value pairs and HTML forms. It wasn’t a coherent synthesis but I was piecing together how this JavaScript was going to take shape. It felt good to know I was getting some synthesis but there is much more learning to be done. Currently learning Java to be prepared for the semester.

So this is the plan. Starting tonight!

Also check out my portfolio too, for app and website updates.

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