/CS Self-Study Plan

As you’re probably aware, the whole CS self-study movement got a huge boost when a guy named John Washam, or, as his blog was called, googleyasheck set out on an 8 month, rigorous CS self-study plan in order to become a software engineer1 at Google.

It didn’t go quite as planned, however he did getting picked up by Amazon.

I admired his dedication and tenacity and have followed his story quite a bit. Since I decided I wanted to do more software engineering stuff than web development stuff, I decided to take a look at ways I could learn. One stop was John’s very famous GitHub repo. I also found another one that is more in-depth than his, believe it for not.

I plan on learning at all the resources: Free Code Camp, Treehouse, Coursera, Udemy, etc plus this. I have made a comprehensive plan to do so in Fantastical 2 on my Mac:

CS Self-Study Plan

John also shared a screenshot of a Google Sheet he used to track his studying. I asked him for a template and he graciously shared it.

I am including my sheets here so that you can follow along with me. I will be writing more frequent, perhaps shorter, blog posts as I go through each resource bit by bit.

Stay tuned!

  1. There is a difference between software engineering and software development, it’s just that no one seems to know what that is.