Sponsored Post: Setapp, Netflix for Apps

This post is sponsored by Setapp

It seems that every Mac app you want to try either has a high price tag or a ridiculous monthly subscription attached to it that you are not sure you want to commit to.

The Mac and macOS are known for their quality apps- that’s why you choose the Mac over other PC makers- apps that are well thought out, well executed, and aesthetically pleasing.

But with the ever-increasing price of apps and app subscriptions, buying all the apps you want can get expensive.

This is where Setapp comes in.

I’ve used Setapp to get a few apps that I wouldn’t otherwise be able to get or just didn’t feel like spending the money to own. You get well over 100 quality apps for $9.99/mo.

Depending on what you’re looking for, this is a steal. The apps in this subscription, if bought alone, would cost hundreds of dollars, not figuring in the cost of upgrades that with a Setapp subscription, are automatically included in the price.

So What Apps for Devs?

There are a few apps for devs in the Setapp subscription:

Setapp apps for devs

Setapp apps for devs

My personal favorite is Paw, which is an excellent REST client for checking your APIs.

There are other apps for productivity, like TextSoap which is invaluable for cleaning up text, like copy/pastes from GitHub, Stack Overflow, etc:

And there are also awesome apps for keeping your Mac clean and running smoothly:

I use CleanMyMac a lot to clean unneeded caches and large files. Perfectly safe and easy to use.

Okay. But What If I Don’t Want to Keep the Subscription?

The Setapp apps are in their own folder in the Applications folder on your Mac. The apps you download from Setapp aren’t mixed with your other apps:

If you no longer want to subscribe to Setapp, unsub on the website and just drag the Setapp app to AppCleaner or the Trash and drag the apps in the Setapp folder to the trash and you no longer have Setapp or its apps on your Mac. Easy.

It’s Simple and Cost Effective

Yes, it’s a subscription which means if you no longer want to pay you lose access to the apps you downloaded. If you want more than a couple apps in the package the cost is worth it. They are adding more and more apps all the time.

Am I using it? I did. And I liked it. But when I subscribed there weren’t a lot of apps there I wanted and buying those same apps outright and actually owning them was cheaper in the long run.

I may start my subscription again but I have a lot of the apps in the package. Until the big players in productivity come on board, as well as the bigger dev apps, then I will keep watch on the service and subscribe again.