5 Things I Learned About Myself This Semester

2 min read

This semester was a rollercoaster, boy. Started out strong and finished like a sputtering car, chugging along to finals week and dying in a heap of smoke and fire.

Here are the five things I learned about myself this semester. You may be asking why I am doing this. It is for me, mostly, to spew out the good things as well as the bad so that I have a framework to go into next semester with. Letting the world know keeps me accountable, I suppose.


  1. I don’t quit. Instead I fight through whatever ails me, whether that be sickness, not being able to grok material, and coding well into the morning when I know it’s futile. I. Don’t. Quit.
  2. I actually am getting better at coding. This may seem terribly bombastic considering I got a C as my final grade in my Intro to CS class. But I started sniffing all my code smells and correcting them. Had I given the textbook a reference during my final project and actually reworked some Treehouse problems, I am sure I could have gotten a B and kept my B grade.
  3. Electives are boring. I should have never gotten a C in a class as easy as Chinese Thought. Problem was I was bored midway through the semester. I half-assed my midterm paper and had absences that weren’t excused because I just didn’t show. I half-assed a class I didn’t want to take in the first place but for the sake of diversity, I must have it. It showed in my poor grade.
  4. Need to put in more effort. This isn’t community college anymore. This is the big leagues and I didn’t treat it as such this term. This coming term will be better for me as I know what it takes. I am also taking Mastering the University, which is offered by the College of General Studies. I need a 3.5 this semester to bring up the 2 I got last semester so I can go to Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences for my official CS major. Effort starts now.
  5. I need to make more of an effort to be social. I need to go to WiCS meetings and SSS movie nights and events. I need to take advantage of the great things being offered to me, old curmudgeon or not. I am unique. I have things to offer. I am an introvert so this will take all I have but it will be worth it, hopefully.

There they are. Time to get going on rectifying mistakes and extending myself.