100 Days of Code, Day 10: 30 October 2016

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Today’s Progress:
This is for yesterday.

I worked on my “Captivating Contacts App”. I added the navbar plus some other pages. I played around with some of the bootstrap elements that I couldn’t get to work. I did it for an hour, maybe two.

Since I am done with The Lens Cap, I needed something to work on. Working on the Captivating Contacts App gives me some busy work until the end of the semester, as I won’t be coding very much for class.

I have a small framework going for the script file. I am watching a few YouTube tutorials on building contacts apps using local storage instead of having a database. And since I know how to do a basic enough search with js, I will probably add that as well.

Link to work:
My code is up on GitHub as the site on Heroku isn’t live.

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