100 Days of Code, Day 12:

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11 December 2016

Today’s Progress:
I worked on the Free Code Camp weather app for a couple hours today. I am sifting through the Dark Sky API, Skycons, and Stack Overflow. It isn\’t as hard as I am making it. I should have it done within the week.

I am more comfortable with $.ajax() and $.getJSON() functions to get JSON from an API endpoint that uses JSON [note]which is most of them[/note]. I don\’t quite know how I\’ve come to understand these things, or how I\’ve become more efficient at searching for and understanding the code in places like Stack Overflow but the change from newbie and intermediate is welcome.

I will be working more on it later this week as now I want to start working on CodeWars code katas and HackerRank algorithm challenges.

Link to work:
It\’s a private pen.

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