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Suggested article from our blog: DNSSEC. The security extension for DNS

DNSSEC (Domain Name System Security Extension) can protect you and your clients from DNS Spoofing. Activating it, you can have additional verification of the DNS servers and evade “poisoned” servers that redirect your visitors to a different IP address.

DNSSEC is a security extension that uses a combination of public and private keys to sign data and verify the authoritative server. Using it, even if a recursive server was poisoned by hackers, it won’t send the visitors to a shady website. The DNSSEC must be applied at each step, from the root zone to the domain.

How does DNSSEC or Domain Name System Security Extension work?

DNSSEC uses a system of public keys and digital signatures to verify data. It simply adds new records to DNS alongside existing records. These new record types can be retrieved in the same way as common records such as A, CNAME, and MX.

If you are interested in DNSSEC and want to learn more about DNS security, we recommend you taking a look at this article!