Open Source Goals and the Year in Review

I was doing a little GitHub dumpster diving, scrolling through who I was following. Found a guy who I really wanted to keep an eye on who hadn’t posted in a while. I went through his repos and found a personal goals repo. It was a fork. I went directly to the source and found it was Una Kravets repo.


Map: Another Higher Order Function

Map is another higher order function that goes through an array and doesn’t discard it but instead transforms/mutates it. Here, I’d like to get an array of all the names of the animals. const animals = [] { name: ‘Catticus Finch’, species: ‘cat’ }, { name: ‘Peaches’, species: ‘fish’ }, { name: ‘Bobby’, species: ‘dog’ … 


Functional Programming in JavaScript? Yes Please.

One of the hot topics right now in the web development world is functional programming in the language of the web, JavaScript.


Mission DRY: Accomplished

When working with multiple levels of conditionals, it helps to DRY things up a bit: not repeating yourself can give performance gains as well as make your code more readable and elegant. Here is one of the monstrosities I had before: if (currentIcon === “clear-day”) { $(“body”).css(“background-image”, “url(”); } else if (currentIcon === “partly-cloudy-night”) { … 


DRY Code: Using IIFEs to Clean Up Code

DRY: Don’t Repeat Yourself

As you may have seen in my last post, I have some *ridiculous* conditional statement blocks going on to show/hide the Skycons and for switching up the background photos based on your current weather conditions.


Background Image Hacks in CSS

Yesterday I found myself in a situation where the background image in my freeCodeCamp Weather App on mobile was cut off at the bottom. Needed some background image hacks in css to fix it.


Working With Chrome DevTools

After working with web dev technologies for the past two years, I am finally beginning to understand the virtues of developer tools, specifically Chrome DevTools


Tech Ladies and The Job Search

I can’t go back to Pitt this semester as the funds ran dry. I had been planning to search for work after the semester. I’m still searching, just probably before I had planned. This is where Tech Ladies helps with my job search. Enter Tech Ladies I found a tweet on my Twitter feed about … 


Gauging My Progress

As I step through The Web Developer Bootcamp, I am beginning to realize just how much I’ve learned the last two years and how it is beginning to codify in my brain. I am coming from a Humanities background but I have always had technical chops, working with circuits was a thing I liked to … 


Scope for Beginners

In JavaScript, lexical scope deals with where your variables are defined, and how they will be accessible — or not accessible — to the rest of your code. There are two terms to think about when talking about scope: local and global. These two terms are important to understand, because one can be more dangerous than the other when …